Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Amazing Lily

Maybe she isn't THAT amazing, but we love her and she's a good girl.

Here she is getting ready for bath time...

Lily LOVES french fries.  We don't give her many because it will upset the delicate balance that we have with her diet, her weight, her intestinal tract, and her allergies.  So she gets a few when we treat ourselves to In N Out Burger.  But she has to earn them.  Sometimes, she's so excited for french fries that she gets her tricks mixed up.

Does your dog like baths or dislike them?  What is their favorite treat that they will do anything for?

Next week, we'll try to bring you a video of neighborhood tricks we do with the Lilster.  We like to incorporate things like walls into our walks and use them for agility.  It's a fun game for her and it works her brain as well as her body, which helps to tire her out even more.  This is good especially during the hot weather when we can't walk for as long as she is used to!

1 comment:

  1. Lily's so cute! What a good girl, knows how to earn her fries. I'd dance for fries too.