Monday, September 17, 2012

Interview with Oliver the Cat

Today, we are very lucky to bring you an interview with a very special cat.  Let me introduce you to Oliver Burks!  Such a handsome fellow.  Oliver agreed to answer some questions for us (as well as share some pictures).

Let's start with an easy one!  How old are you?

I am ten years young, a middle-aged gentleman.

You look really good for ten!  Middle-aged indeed because indoor cats can live 18-20 years. 

Where did you find New Mom?

I found her lurking around at the Burbank Animal Shelter where I was staying earlier this year. The first time I saw her I ignored her because I was feeling kind of depressed. Then she came back again when I was feeling better and we played a bit together. I thought she was interesting and nice, and she knew exactly where I liked to be scratched, behind my ears. The third time, she took me home.

Tell us a little bit about life before New Mom.

I and another cat lived with a kind senior human who loved us a lot. One day our senior human had to go to a place where other humans could take care of them. I guess that happens when humans get old and need special assistance doing daily stuff. Unfortunately, that place did not allow cats. It was pretty upsetting to have to say goodbye.

Oh, I bet that was hard.  Some people don't realize that cats have feelings just like humans do!  They can get as attached to people as we do.  What is it like at the shelter?

At first I didn't like it at all. I didn't really understand what was happening and that made me grumpy.

On top of that I had to share my cat condo with the other cat that lived with me and the senior human, a GIRL cat! Yuck! She worked my last nerve. The nice people at the Burbank Animal Shelter figured that part out pretty quickly and soon I had a condo all to myself, which was better. She got adopted and that was the last I saw of her. Bye! I hope she is happier now, too.

My shelter mom, Officer Jessica, took a shine to me and I liked it when she held me. I was still kind of grumpy from being confined to the condo and from listening to the dogs in the kennels next door bark-bark-barking! They did not use their indoor voices. But I perked up when the volunteers came to play with me, pet me, clean my litter box and give me food and snackables.

One day I overheard someone tell Officer Jessica that I was unadoptable because of my attitude. Uh-oh! But guess what? She stood up for me and said I needed more time...and some dental work. She made sure I got my teeth fixed and cleaned and after that I felt better. She believed in me, that made me happy! Soon I was feeling more relaxed and sociable thanks to the special attention and love that all of my shelter friends gave me.

I lived at the Burbank Animal Shelter for three months. I really liked my friends there but by the time my new Mom Lady came looking to adopt a cat, I was ready to get out of the condo and live in a human home again. So I flirted with her and it worked, she adopted me!

Now that you are the man of a new house, what are some of your favorite activities?

I love to look out of the windows and the front door screen at the birdies every morning, and at the various outdoor critters that walk through the yard at night. I like to stare at my new human neighbors, too, and sometimes I talk to them through the door screen. But mostly I stare at them.

Eating snackables while watching a movie on the television or while sitting in bed while my Mom Lady is reading is also something that I enjoy doing every day. Temptations are my favorite, all flavors. I also love to play with all the toys, scratchy posts and a jungle gym that my Mom Lady and all my new friends have gifted me with since I've been here.

Sleeping is also a favorite activity. During the day I sleep under the bed, my Man Cave. I share my cave with several stuffed animal friends. It a club for non-humans so sorry but I cannot reveal any other details. I also like to sleep on top of the bed with my Mom Lady when she takes her nighttime nap. That's cuddly fun but sometimes she rolls around too much, so that's when I jump up on the crow's nest of the jungle gym for some peace.

Most of all and above all else I love to get brushed! If I could, I would get brushed all day long but my Mom Lady has to go to work so I get by with one session after breakfast, one when she gets home, one after dinner and one before bedtime on weekdays. On Caturdays when she stays home I get brushed as many times as I want. My record is eight but I hope to best that soon!

Tell us who you think make better pets - cats or dogs?

Cats! POL! Just kidding. I'm biased. Actually I don't think it's about who is better between cats and dogs. I think it's about matching the right human with the right pet.

For instance, I am a stay-inside cat (as all cats should be because it's dangerous out there!) who likes to be an only child and have lots of quiet time with no young humans around (they scare me!) That made me and my Mom Lady a good match. I have the entire run of the apartment when she's gone at work and when she comes home it's just her and me, the way I like it. I don't need a yard and she doesn't have one, perfect!

So I would say that the most important thing to consider whether you want to adopt a cat or a dog is to think about your home environment and your lifestyle, then ask questions at the shelter about your prospective pet to make sure you both can give each other the type of attention, love and life you're both looking for.

You can find GREAT companions like Oliver at your local shelter.  Remember those middle-aged cats and dogs make really good pets.  Most of them are there through no fault of their own, like our friend Oliver!  And they still have years of love left in them.

Oliver has his own facebook page.  You can "Like" him here.

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  1. Oliver, I am beyond happy for you and your New Mom Lady. Reading your Facebook posts are always the highlight of my day. And I couldn't agree more that finding the right match for your forever home is the most important part of adoption. Thank you for sharing your story. I miss you, my little handsome man.
    -Your Old Shelter Mom Lady :)(aka: Jessica)