Friday, September 14, 2012

Fun Friday

This Friday is dedicated to our friend, Wallace.  He got some bad news this week and our thoughts are with him and his family in this difficult time. 

Right now, we want to celebrate his life and his passion.  He brought joy to many people, has changed quite a few minds, and is a CHAMPION.

Wallace in action at SkyWorld

The trailer for his book

At the end of the day, Wallace is just a DOG.  He likes to do things other dogs like to do.

To see more Wallace videos, click here.

To purchase a copy of his book (Wallace: The Underdog...), click here.

Wallace is a very special dog.  He's an excellent ambassador for his breed thanks to his wonderful owners, Roo and Clara Yori.  We wish them the best as they are facing this difficult time!  We know Wallace will make the most of the time that he has left here - he doesn't know how to do things any other way.

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