Monday, March 28, 2011

Pet Sitters

I must admit, it's hard for me to leave my pets for the weekend. We left the cats for a week while on our honeymoon, a week each summer while we go camping and a few weekends a month. When we travel, Lily comes with us. She's welcome at every house we go to. She's a good girl - well socialized, well trained and well loved. We've left her once overnight. That's it. This past weekend brought a trip to Vegas. We left Lily with a pet sitter.

Our pet sitter is the best - she is a vet tech who is currently studying to be a vet! I've also known her since she was a pre-teen. We love Shirley. And best of all, she loves our pets - especially our Lily. Shirley has a pit mix of her own so she knows and loves the breed. She's also patient with the numerous medications and my long list of instructions.

My best friend happens to be the proud owner of Lily's favorite boy, Bubba. I arranged two playdates for her while we were gone. As you can see, she didn't miss us during the playdates.

Or after them:

Wednesday is a shy cat. She never comes out for ANYONE. Not in her five years with us. But this is what happened when we left town. Wednesday decided that Shirley's lap was as good as dad. And she slept with Shirley as well. It's not hard to go out of town when your pets are well taken care of.

List of Information we left our sitter:
Our itinerary
Contact numbers (our cell phones, a local friend, number where we are staying)
Vets Number/Address
List of Medications, times they are given Feeding Time Walk Schedule & Route

I leave extras such as:
Lights to leave on when out
Favorite TV Channels when out

Here is a great list from Home Safe Pet Sitters for owners for you to use next time you have to hire a sitter. What about you - do you have a favorite pet sitter? Do you leave long lists of instructions?


  1. Hahaha! Favorite channels!? Love it. You're such a good momma!

  2. We have a favorite pet sitter, and she is phenomenal (hubby's best friend). She'll even stay over with our doggie!