Monday, March 18, 2013

Monty's Story

Today, we are excited to bring you a guest blog - Rachel is sharing the story of their latest rescue dog, Monty, with us.
I’d like you to meet Monty (Montezuma), our newest family member. We met him on Sunday, December 30th, 2012 and we knew immediately that he was meant for us.  He was meant to be in OUR family, not the family that he had been living with for the last two years.  His first family had good intentions of raising him and keeping him forever, but as he grew and grew, they realized that he was too much dog for their family.  They did their best to provide the basics for him: food and shelter, but that was about all he had.  He was tethered outside in the backyard all day, and crated in the garage all night.  He was lucky to get a walk about three times a week, but it was never more than about 2-3 miles. 
When he was outside in the backyard, he was lonely and bored.  He dug up the grass and landscaping as a form of entertainment.  His family got mad and frustrated with him so much so that they gave him away! 
I love the car!
His second family seemed like THEY would be his forever-family as they had lots of experience with German Shepherds and the handling of working dogs.  It was a perfect match…for about six weeks.  After having him for six weeks, Family #2 said he was too destructive and that they just didn’t want him anymore.  Family #2 returned him to Family #1. 
And so it began all over again: Monty was tethered during the day, and crated at night.  Boredom set it (again), and the digging returned. 

In the meantime, a friend of a friend got word to us that Monty needed a new home.  The timing of this phone call was perfect, as we had been looking for a new family member since the passing of our Buddy Holly in August.  What we were looking for was a rescue dog.  We really felt strongly that this next dog needed to be a rescue dog. But, one that was a German Shepherd, at least 2 years of age or older, and a male.  We knew that this criteria would prove to be challenging, but we were hopeful to find our new boy! 
With Mom and Dad
AND….Could it be that what we were looking for WAS Monty?!?!?  But were WE what Monty was looking for?!?!?!?  Well, after nearly three months together; sharing the same space; (and at times the same bed, same couch, same food, same chair….) we feel that we were who Monty was looking for…and he was what we were looking for!  In fact, he was EXACTLY what we were looking for.  We were his perfect match---we are his FUR-ever family!

Monty has settled into our home and family very nicely.  He has taken up space in our bed, on our couch, and most of the time in our arms (and lap…he thinks he’s a lap-dog)!  He is a very sweet and loving dog who seems to smile all the time!  He is in no way a destructive dog as Families #1 and #2 claimed him to be.  He has very little time to get bored because he’s on long walks with the family (sometimes two walks a day), playing “chuck-it” with dad, camping with the family, and training with mom and Sue (a professional dog trainer).  Although he loves chuck-it, and loves tennis balls, camping appears to be his new-found love.  He enjoys every aspect of camping: the long car rides there, the tent and trailer set-up, campfires and cook-outs, and the numerous adventurous walks. 
He is no longer tethered for hours on end.  He no longer sleeps in a crate, or is even confined to a crate at all.  When he does get a few minutes to himself, he quickly occupies his time with a tennis ball (or two), his “Kong” toy, or playing with his sister Luka (which actually looks more like wrestling, not so much playing…but nonetheless, spending time with sis)! 

We can’t image life without him and we can’t imagine why two different families could give him up.  We love our Monty and couldn’t be happier that HE found US! 

With my sister Luka - she's 12 in July!

Isn't that a wonderful story? Monty is so lucky to have Vito and Rachel - and you can see that they feel very lucky to have found him!

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  1. What a wonderful "tail"!!! Monty is lucky to have found a fur-ever family that has figured out what a energy-filled boy truly needs and loves. He truly is lucky to have found Rachel and Vito, and it sounds like they are very lucky to have found him when they did. It is a story of fate! It is sad to hear that families still get puppies and aren't able to foresee that the sweet, little pup will grow into a fabulous dog and plan for what that dog will need to make his/her life full and rich with love. Thank you for posting this story. More people can learn that animals of all shapes and sizes need more than just food, shelter and water. I believe the law should also require love and compassion! :-) Isn't that what all of our family members deserve?