Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Bunnies

With Easter fast approaching, we want to remind people to think before they add a bunny to the household. Rabbits make wonderful pets for the right family. As pet owners, it is our responsiblity to do our research and be sure that they any pet is the right fit for our household before we get the pet. This includes purchases for children around the holidays.

Bunnies are intelligent, loving animals. They are very social so they need a lot of love and attention from their owner. They don't make good Easter gifts, especially for small children who crave something that they can hold and cuddle. Rabbits can feel insecure when held or restrained. They prefer to be on the ground. Children quickly lose interest and the bunny ends up neglected in an outdoor hutch or dropped off at the shelter. (For reasons on why your bunny should live inside the house with you, click here for our article.)

Bunnies are not a low-maintenance pet. They grow quickly from that cute little bundle into a larger adolescent. If you don't spay or neuter them, they can urine mark just like a dog or cat. You have to bunny-proof your home so that they don't chew your cords, your books, and your furniture. Your bunny requires daily exercise and they can live for 10 years. They require as much work as a dog or cat.

If you are seriously considering adding a bunny to your family, we encourage you to read up on them. House Rabbit Society has a great starting point for you in your research here. We have more links on our website, here. When you have decided that a bunny is the right match for your family, we encourage you to find a shelter or rescue in your area.

What about you - have you ever had a bunny? Ever thought about adding one to your family?

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