Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Life of a Dog

My dog, more specifically.

It hit me today as I was running all my errands...

1)  Holistic Vet to pick up two different kinds of probiotics.

2)  Pet store for beef treats (Grain Free, but must have ONLY beef as source of protein).

3)  2nd pet store for more treats (because they're so hard to find).

4)  Grocery store to buy grain fed, organic Angus Beef because they only had four acceptable treats to choose from, three of which she has had and may be getting sick of (with my husband whining that he doesn't even get fed that "good" stuff).

Home to find a package on the porch.

From my mom - YAY.

Upon closer inspection, the package was not for us.

It was for Lily.

Toys from her Grandma. (so even MY mom runs errands for her)

This is THE life.

Mom runs all over creation while Lily stays home and does this...

Don't feel bad for her.

Feel bad for me.

I went to make lunch and was out of my applesauce.

I don't suppose I'll be getting her to go to the grocery store for some more.

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