Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Importance of Being Lily

It's really rough being Lily.  She has a lot of sleeping to do.

And itching after throwing herself down in the grass (usually followed by an army crawl across it).

And playing with her favorite dog friend.

It's important to Erik and I that we give Lily a good life.  We got her as a companion and have never had a single regret.  She brings us so much joy with her goofy antics.  She's loving and fun and gentle and sweet.

But she suffers.  We've had her on steroids for four years now.  That's far too long and the side effects can actually shorten her life.  After years of struggling with her itching, we decided at the end of last year that we had had enough of conventional veterinary medicine. 

We were lucky enough to get in with a very popular holistic vet.  Today was our first visit and we loved her.  Most importantly, she loved Lily.  After spending an entire hour with us, she has come up with a plan of attack for Lily's itchies that don't involve medicine or needles.  We have natural supplements to add to her raw food.  We're very excited to begin the next part of our journey with her.  A journey toward whole health that will give us another ten years with her.

Have you tried holostic medicine for your pet? If you have, did you view it as successful? What are your hesitations if you haven't? 


  1. I haven't tried holistic medicine but I am definitely willing to. We put our dogs on a raw diet to try to help our pittie who has skin issues and it has worked.

    Can't wait to hear how this helps Lily!

    Sarah from

  2. We're still trying to decide on food. Instructions are beef and ONLY beef, grain free, no flax. Haven't found a kibble that fits that bill, which is what we were looking for. I get so grossed out having the raw food in the fridge. Stella & Chewy's patties weren't bad because they were in the freezer so we may be going back to those. With supplements to aid her digestion. A lot of people swear by the raw food - our holistic vet has her own line of it, but she didn't recommend it for Lily because her beef has ground chicken bone! (and how impressed were we that the vet wasn't pushing her own food on us???) We'll keep you posted and hope to have the same results that you have had!