Monday, June 13, 2011

Kid Funnies

We love teaching Humane Education because we truly believe that we are making a difference. Many times we return to a school the following year to find that many kids took our information home and their parents got their pets spayed/neutered. We know that we are slowly making a difference. One of the perks of this job is the honesty of children. Here are a few of the fun stories:

Jenn was teaching Dog Safety to a Pre-K class. When she got done, she was letting the kids share.
"I have a puppy."
"I have a goldfish."
"I have a baby brudder." (no pets, but he didn't want to be left out)


Meredith was teaching Dog Safety. She asked for a brave helper to demonstrate what can happen when you pet a dog who is sleeping (our puppet barks at them). When the little boy got to the front of the classroom, he announced, "My name is Menos and I take karate!"


Jenn was teaching 2nd Grade Kindness. We play a fun game where the kids pull items out of a bag and we have to decide if they are Kind or Unkind. If the item is kind, we have to decide who it would be kind to give it to (Bugs the Bunny, Harry the Hamster, Pip the Cat or Nemo the Chihuahua). If it's unkind, we toss it in the trash.

A girl pulled out milk. She held it up so everyone could see as she announced, "Milk."

Jenn: Is it kind or unkind?

Class: KIND!

Jenn: I know a lot of tv shows and movies show people giving milk to cats but it's not good for them. It's unkind. When they're kittens, where does their milk come from?

Class: MOM!

Jenn: And where does our milk come from?

Girl in the back row: CARTONS!


Jenn was teaching a 3rd Grade Class City Wildlife. When she finished, she opened it up for questions. The first question?

Boy: Are you married?
Jenn: Yes.
Boy: (pause) How married?
Jenn: Very, very married.
Boy: (complete with an aw shucks expression and arm movement) Aw, man!

She couldn't bring herself to ask 'why'. She turned my back to take another question, but he continued.

Boy: Because my dad really likes blondes. A lot. And you seem super cool.
Jenn: Thank you.
Boy: You're his type. Blonde and he likes his women curvy. (he stands up and waves his arms for curvy - curvier than I am)
Teacher: Miguel! We have had this conversation about inappropriate questions and gestures before.
Boy: (whiney) I'm just looking for a new stepmom.
Teacher: ENOUGH!

You NEVER know what is going to come out of the mouth of a child. They are always entertaining. And always, well mostly, honest. We love our jobs and wouldn't trade them for anything!

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