Wednesday, June 15, 2011


"I had a bunny, but we let it go."

Meredith and I hear this comment in the classroom all the time. It's an unfortunate reality - most people think that their rabbits and can take care of themselves.

This isn't true. Setting your bunny free only makes them FOOD. Pet bunnies are a different species than the ones we see in our parks and yard. They lack the instincts needed to survive outside of a home. Wild and domestic bunnies do not breed. Their feral counterparts do not allow them into the group. Pet rabbits don't know how to burrow properly. They will often just sit out in the elements and catch pneumonia. They have been fed in their cage while at your home so they aren't used to foraging for food. These poor bunnies don't know where to look or what to eat. This makes them weak from hunger and eventually makes them an easy target for predators.

It is also against the law. It's considered Animal Cruelty. This means if someone like Meredith or I spot you, we will write down your license plate number, take pictures if we have our camera with us and report you to Animal Control. If you don't want the responsibility of caring for your rabbit, you should take it to your closest Animal Shelter. This will give it the chance to get adopted and live with a family inside the house where it belongs.

For more information on rabbits, see our website or click here for a link about bunny care - why they should be inside the house with family and pictures of their habitat indoors.

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