Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our Aging Cat

This is my Pip. Short for Pipsqueak. She's the coolest cat ever. I rescued her off the streets of Studio City when she was 9 months old. Her mom was part of my feral colony. It took Pip forever to trust me. Her brothers had warmed up to me long before she ever did. But it was worth the wait.
She had a rough start. She had upper respiratory and ended up spending three weeks at the vet. It was touch and go. The vet said to me, "If she makes it, she's going to make someone a great little pet." She was everyone's favorite kitten. They said the second anyone walked into the room, she would start purring. And her motor is loud. The idea was to foster her, nurse her back to health, and find her a good home. In the end, I couldn't give her up.  The upper respiratory went into her eye. The sore popped and severed her cornea so they had to take the eye. She's had one eye since she was about 10 months old. 
Pip and her bratty sister Wednesday
She's 11 this month. She's moving slower. Sometimes she limps. She can be a little stiff in the morning. I know that cats can live to be 20 or more. Erik and I have never had one live more than 14. So we're nervous. We love all three cats, but Pip is our heart. She's fully accepting of any pet we bring in - whether they're here for a night, for weeks, or to stay. When we move, she's good with it. There's no adjustment period for her. Put her in a career, and she'll travel.
Pip sleeping with the stinky dog
Why am I writing this? Because I felt a lump on her side tonight. She'll be going to the vet next week to make sure it isn't anything serious. But as she sits here purring away between my husband and I tonight, I still worry.  Will be saying goodbye early? Can cats this amazing live long lives? I sure hope so. Pip still has more kittens to teach. More sunlight to lay around in. Much more love to give and receive.
When you first get your pet, a decade can seem like a long time. It goes by so fast - and you're always left thinking it's never enough.


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  1. T_T Hope she's okay! Keep me posted! Will be sending good vibes and prayers it's nothing. What a sweet girl, can she come teach my lil mean tortie to be sweet to all the fellow furry housemates? Does she teach via skype? ;)