Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just a Dog

As a "pit bull" type dog owner, I strive to have my dog viewed as any other medium/large breed dog. My husband and I are responsible owners, both college educated, and this is our dog breed choice. We love the breed - from their gushing affection toward humans to their goofy make you laugh personaltiy. This is our kind of dog.

Lily is well trained and well socialized, as any dog we own will always be. She doesn't bark and makes a horrible "watch dog" (which is okay because that isn't why we have a dog). She's never met a stranger. We're currently on our third mailman in the five years that we've had her. Each one has loved her.

When I was walking Lily on Monday, we ran into our mailman. As I stopped to chat with him, Lily automatically sat at my side. She looked around, but continiously glanced up at me to "check in."

"She's the best dog on my route," the mailman said. "All the other dogs bark at me, but not Lily. She's such a good girl."

Best "dog" on his route.

Exactly what I want to hear. I don't want her to be the nicest "pit bull." I want her to be the nicest/best behaved/whatever words you want to plug in dog.

Teaching first grade Dog Safety this week, I was able to hear the following conversation among the kids.

Armando, "I love pit bulls!"

Sara, "What's a pit bull?"

He shrugged and said, "Just a dog."

The wisdom of children.

Just a dog. That's what we all strive to have our dogs seen as - what they are. Just a dog like any other medium/large breed dog. We still have a long way to go, but we are getting there. Slowly, owners have seen steps forward for our dogs.

For more information on the breed, click any of the following links:


  1. Aww, reading this made me smile! :) Lily is a pit bull poster pup - filled with love and kisses. I can't wait for the day where there is no more discrimination against pit bulls, because they deserve no prejudice. They just need an affectionate home and plenty of training - just like any other breed.

  2. So true. I, too, am a college educated, responsible, professional who owns a sweet, goofy, and sensitive dog who happens to be a pit bull. She is just a dog, a family dog who is treated well and loved by everyone (especially my elderly parents to whom my dog provides enormous comfort and happiness).