Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Adventures with Lily

We love to take Lily on road trips with us. She just spent a week in the mountains in Oregon lounging around our campsite, greeting visitors and hiking the mountains with us.

Then we spent two days in Sequim, Washington visiting friends. She got to do a few fun hikes/walks with friends in their beatiful neighborhood. Yes, that creek runs through the forest only a few short blocks from their house! Lily had a blast.

We stopped in Long Beach, Oregon and walked along the pier.

There were steps leading down to the shore so we took them. Now that is a happy puppy!

She ended each evening sacked out and snoring. A good dog is a tired dog.

It's important to us that we include Lily in our lives. She deserves a chance to get out there and sniff, explore and investigate this wonderful world around her. It makes her a better dog - well socialized and well traveled. It's fun for us as well. We get to see the world through her eyes, with all of her enthusiasm and wonder.

What about you - do you take your pets with you when you travel?

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