Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday's Favorites

My name is Wednesday. That's me, the little gray cat. I'm on the lap of my favorite person - Dad. I'm not that fond of the stinky dog next to him. She's scared of me, though, so it works. I like to tell her where she can sleep and chase her off the couch. Just to make sure she never forgets that I'm the boss.

I wanted to share some of my favorite things with you. Besides naps. Those are the best, but you already know that. Especially if you have cats.

While we're discussing naps, this is my favorite place to take one. Okay, second favorite. Dad's lap is the first. I love this cat tree. It puts me way up high where I feel secure. I like to nap in the cubbyhole while my sister, Pip, takes the very bottom. It's fun to race around the house, up and down the tree.

Mom doesn't let us scratch the furniture so these come in handy. We have two in the living room and I love to use them. One of them has sisal rope on it. Why do we scratch? I scratch because I like to mark my territory. It also just feels good!

These things are fun to play with by myself. They roll all over the house. We have hardwood floors so they work really well. If I get tired of one room, I can pick them up in my mouth and run into the next one. Mom finds them under the couch when she cleans on the weekend. My favorites are the wide ones. I don't have a color preference.

Mom and Dad play with us every day. I wish they would spend all day playing, but they have things to do. When they break this thing out, I go nuts. You should see me run and jump and flip trying to catch that dang bird. Mom says I'm very acrobatic. Whatever that means. I just know it's fun, fun, fun!

These are just a few of my favorites. I also love cat nip, which Mom sometimes spreads on the floor right before she vacuums. I can roll around in it and eat it for hours! It's fun when a fly gets in the house as well. I love to track and chase those little buggers. And I'm very sneaky with Mom's hair bands. I like to sneak those when I can. They're fun to bat around. I leave them in the water bowls for her. I know, I'm so thoughtful. I know I made them dirty on the floor so I like to clean them up for her.

What about your cats - do they have any favorite toys?

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